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Benefits of the medium

Podcasts are an intimate audience experience

Well made podcasts are an escape, an information source and importantly a companion to the audience.

New shows that people love have become the weekly TV series of current cultural discussion, the cool band you discovered before anyone else and the source material for an interesting fact or story you can relay to friends. The medium inherently lends itself to intimacy and conversational sharing at the same time.

Enhance existing communcation channels

Podcasts can deliver greater audience experience allowing your organisation to spend more time with existing or potential customers.


With narrative audio techniques listeners can experience the sounds and personalities of your culture and the cultures the organisation is a part of.


They can also be the source of content on the organisation’s other digital outlets, build goodwill among peers and expand professional engagement.

Recent work…

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) engaged Nearly to create, produce and present a six-part podcast series about large scale solar farms around Australia.


The result was “ReWired”, a six episode podcast from regional Australian towns exploring the benefits of new solar farms and telling captivating local stories.


Each episode was about around 15 to 20 minutes. They were published on Apple Podcasts & ARENA’s blog with text and photos taken by Nearly.


We were also able to generate media attention for the projects through our existing media contacts.

Chris and Justin on site at the Narromine solar farm in NSW.

Nearly products and services

branded podcast

We work with an organisation to discover how a co-produced podcast might benefit their communications goals.



• Concept and creative services
• Identify talent
• Create artwork & music
• Generate cross platform and complementary content
• All editing and engineering
• Distribution across major platforms
• Monitor audience growth and evaluation
• Ongoing management


Minimum commitment is 6 episodes.

podcast advertiser

Advertise your brand, business or organisation on a podcast within our network.


Podcast advertising is personal, memorable and low-risk.


Cost of advertising


We prefer to use a “direct response” model of advertising remuneration.


In short, if you sell something because of advertising with us a commission is paid back to Nearly.


This may take the form of a promo-code being read out by the host for a discount at your online store, or listeners being encouraged to visit a unique website set up to link with the podcast ad.


For podcasts with audiences over 5000 average downloads an upfront fee is charged.


Characteristics of our ad spots


  • spoken by the host during the episode to create a seamless experience
  • casual but informative language used
  • delivery of message will have a bit of the host’s personality to it
  • usually last between 20 to 60 seconds
  • Up to three spots available per episode
  • listing as a supporter on podcast page (eg:
  • listing as a supporter on episode description


Get in touch to chat about the possibilities –


The research


of podcast audiences on average listen the whole way through their chosen podcasts


News, Current Affairs & Politics is the dominant genre


of 14-34 year old listeners choose smartphones to listen


of podcast audiences on average listen the whole way through their chosen podcasts


News, Current Affairs & Politics is the dominant genre


of 14-34 year old listeners choose smartphones to listen

Australian audience research by ABC Radio

Source: OzPod Audience Research 2016 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)