New year, new blog




It’s been in the works (plenty of headlines written without supporting words) for some time.

We spend a lot of time thinking, talking and answering questions about the podcasts, so it makes sense that we’d commit them to a place that’s accessible anytime.

Suggestions are very welcome –



We’d rather answer a question directly rather than jumble some associated musings around it.

We get some great insights into listeners and the commercial side of podcasting in Australia but also overseas, as we chat to people doing similar work around the world (mostly the US and UK).

So the blog won’t be all about the shows we’re producing, it’ll have some ‘inside baseball’ moments too.

Through our network of others doing similar things we’ll be asking them questions with their answers ending up here.

One thing to expect, and we’re putting an emphasis on this, is that the blog post will be specific and probably not very long.


Also, check out our shows!

They’re all available where you listen. Or below!


Courtney Carthy