Post Pandemic Podcast

Post Pandemic

What’s going to be different about the world after SARS 2 Covid 19?


Hear from experts about how and what might change Post Pandemic.

It’s not about fabricating a future but what our lives may be like when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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Every guest gets the same 7 questions and with enough episodes we might be able to make some comparisons.


The 7 questions for every guest

1. What will be different about after the pandemic?

2. What do you think will become obsolete?

3. What will be different in your daily life?

4. What positives do you see coming from COVID19?

5. How do you think you’ll describe the pandemic to someone in the future that didn’t experience it?

6. If you were to write a book, film or TV series about the global pandemic what would you call it?

7. What should we be paying attention to now that will affect life after the pandemic?


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