Up Ya Class podcast with Nelly Thomas, Dave O'Neil and Shane Laing

Up Ya Class

Up Your Class is a look at class in Australia with comedians Nelly Thomas and Dave O’Neil plus Shane Laing a genuine working class man.

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We’re losing the illusion that we live in a classless country.

But it remains a deeply uncomfortable subject for some and most of the talking about class is been done by people who benefit from the status quo: middle class, private school and tertiary educated. That is, the Australian Media.


Up Ya Class is a counter-point.

All 3 presenters are originally rough trade and they will dissect the news, culture, history and politics with a class lens. They will probably also talk quite a lot about food.

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Dave’s on Twitter and Facebook too.

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Our theme music is Salvador Darling [Instrumental] by Osiris Saline under Creative Commons license.

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