About us and Nearly Media

About us and Nearly Media

In 2017 Courtney Carthy and Andy Bellairs were career producers at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, working on various radio shows and digital channels.

After years of pitching each other podcasts over Friday drinks they decided to create one of Australia's first production companies specialising in podcasts.

Since then Nearly Media has worked closely with some of Australia's highest profile talent and brands.

We provide specialist advice and production services at all stages; concept, recording, editing, publication.

Nearly Media spends most time on two areas of podcasting

  1. Our network of original podcasts
  2. Co-producing branded content

We also spend time on Episode Check - a web app for podcast editors to get feedback on episode mixes.

We've also been hired as creative producers to create live gameshows, exhibition audio installations, written content, art direction, content strategy and more.

A great quote that continues to inspire us

“Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind and you’re creating your own production… And that of course, is something that you can never get with visual media.”

Emma Rodero, communications professor, Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona.

The Atlantic - Inside the Podcast Brain: Why Do Audio Stories Captivate?