Sweden’s Saturday lolly tradition

Big thanks to Gina, an Aussie in Sweden.

Sweden’s Saturday lolly tradition
IKEA product display at Causeway Bay Branch, The Park Lane Hong Kong Hotel basement shop, Hong Kong. Wikimedia Commons.

Recently Dave and Kitty featured IKEA lollies on The Junkees.

Tested in the show was Foam candy, with strawberry or vanilla flavour, Sour foam candy with pear and forest fruit flavour and Sour candy viking ships.

All of these lollies have the mysterious title of lördagsgodis.

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Gina, an Aussie living in Sweden, heard the episode and emailed us with a little extra context, which turned out to be a fascinating insight into the lolly culture of an entire European country.

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📝 Gina writes

Sent: Jun 2, 2023, 7:34 PM

Hello Possum and The Big Guy,

Thanks for the Ikea episode- top class as usual. I listened to it on my way to work in Stockholm and thought I should shed some light on this lördagsgodis (pronounced lerdagsgoodis) concept.

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