Swiss Cats and Loneliness

The cats of neutral Switzerland and the crippling feeling of absense.

Swiss Cats and Loneliness
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Regular listeners will have heard about him but for the first time he joins the show.

Is there a Swiss breed of cat that needs more attention than most?

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Switzerland requires owners of cats, and other social animals, to provide a level of interaction to avoid them suffering emotions similar to the human condition of loneliness.

"The law stipulates that such animals must have a certain level of contact with other such animals, while there are also minimum cage sizes and standards." -

Stemming from this ruling, people living in Switzerland are not allowed to have only one guinea pig.

However, it is legal to eat cat or dog meat.

"Eating cats and dogs is legal in Switzerland and, as the head of Swiss Animal Protection told in 2013, “maybe 100 to 200 people in Switzerland eat dog or cat meat from time to time”. Anecdotally, northeastern Switzerland seems to be a hotspot for this." -


The robot's voice comes from Google Home. They're pretty good.

Original theme music by Kit Warhurst.

Artwork created by Stacy Gougoulis.

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