The Junkees with Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan (Fisk) and Dave O’Neil (Spicks and Specks) are into junk food. Chew Chew!

The Junkees with Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan

It's the sweet and salty roundabout - get on board with Possum and The Big Guy!!! Chew! Cheeeewwwwww!

In the car on the way back from a gig in Lorne, Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan discovered a mutual admiration for the salty and sweet junk foods.

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Each episode has three sections.

  1. Usually the headliner goes first, the topic you see in the title.
  2. Then blind tests (a weird chip).
  3. Then one of a handful of interchangeable segments that are often product dependent.

Regular Segments

Sweet Sweeeeet Memory Jogger

Reserved for products that inspire nostalgia.

Kitty wanted to call this segment "Sweet Sweeeet Memories".

Dave had though "Memory Jogger" would be best.

A compromise was reached and no one mentioned the poo jogger.

Just Get Some

When there's no question about something being good, Just Get Some.

It's that simple.

New product

The name is not as exciting as the products featured on the segment.


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About the hosts

Kitty Flanagan

KITTY Flanagan is one of Australia's most loved stand-up comedians, actors and writers.

Kitty's sitcom Fisk became "one of the top 10 shows on Netflix globally in its second week on the platform," according to the SMH.

She's performed original live solo shows in towns and cities small and large all over Australia - and across the world - for decades, including Seriously?, Hello Kitty, and Charming & Alarming.

These three shows were also filmed and made into specials for television.

Over the last few years, Kitty has authored three books; 488 Rules for Life - which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies! - its sequel More Rules for Life, and Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies.

In 2021, ABC TV aired the first series of Kitty's probate law firm comedy Fisk, which she wrote with her sister Penny Flanagan.

Kitty directed it with Tom Peterson, and played the lead role of Helen Tudor-Fisk, starring alongside Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold, and Aaron Chen.

Fisk was celebrated across the world in 2021, not only winning two AACTAS - Best Narrative Comedy Series and Best Comedy Performer (presented to Kitty) - but the Best Series Award in the comedies section of major European television festival Series Mania.

A second season is on the way!

Kitty is a regular panellist on comedy quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention?, and writes her own segments for The Project and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

She is also well-known for her portrayal of (annoying) public relations guru Rhonda in four series of Working Dog's award-winning sitcom, Utopia.

Kitty was a cast member of comedy sketch shows Full Frontal and The Micallef Program, performed in an episode of True Story with Hamish and Andy, and has more recently voiced the character of Sandy in ABC children's cartoon Kangaroo Beach.

Her acting credits in Britain include comedy series The Sketch Show, and a short film she wrote and directed called Dating Ray Fenwick.

It was in early-2020, while carpooling after a gig in Lorne, that Kitty and stand-up comedian Dave O'Neil realised they both shared a deep love of junk food.

In June of that year, the pair launched their own podcast called The Junkees, produced by Nearly Media.

Taste testing and investigating all-things sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy, new and old, Kitty and Dave call themselves Possum and The Big Guy - in classic commercial radio style - as they continue to take a weekly ride on the sweet and salty roundabout. Chew chew!

Thousands of fans tune into the show each week across the world.

Kitty also makes Fisk.

Dave O'Neil

DAVE O'Neil is a veteran Australian stand-up comedian, writer, radio personality, and actor.

He's performed his original comedy on stages across Australia for more than 30 years, and is a well-known face on television.

Dave has appeared as a panellist, or made a cameo, on at least 60 episodes of ABC's popular music quiz show Spicks and Specks.

He's written for TV shows including Full Frontal, The Micallef Program, Open Slather, and Hughesy, We Have a Problem, and has appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention?, The Panel, Good News Week, Adam Zwar's Agony series, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Allstars Gala.

In stand-up comedian Kitty Flanagan's 2021 law firm sitcom Fisk, Dave played peckish lawyer Bob Stanley. He also had a cameo in Working Dog's first series of Utopia as property developer Nathan West.

The films Take Away, and You and Your Stupid Mate were co-written by Dave. He was a cast member in both movies, and a lead in The Nugget, alongside Eric Bana and Stephen Curry.

Dave created a pilot in 2018 called Dave, loosely based on his life, which he performed in alongside Emily Taheny, Dave Hughes, Glenn Robbins, and even Brendan Fevola.

At ease at radio station Nova 100, Dave was part of former breakfast show Hughesy, Kate and Dave (with Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek), and is a regular guest on current breakfast offering Chrissie, Sam and Browny.

Dave has been a presenter on ABC Radio Melbourne, and authored the books Unfit for Life, Everything Tastes Better Crumbed - and other BIG statements, and The Summer of '82.

With illustrator Kiran Morris, he created the children's books Lies your parents tell you! and Raised by Frank.

Dave is arguably the face of Nearly Media, hosting three podcasts on the network; The Debrief where he drives fellow comics to-and-from gigs, Somehow Related where he and Kath & Kim's Glenn Robbins try to figure out the connection between two seemingly unrelated topics, and The Junkees.

It was early-2020 when Dave and Kitty Flanagan realised they both shared a deep love of junk food, while they carpooled back from a gig in Lorne.

The Junkees was born from this conversation in June of that year.

Taste testing and investigating all-things sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy, new and classic, Kitty and Dave call themselves Possum and The Big Guy as they continue to take a weekly ride on the sweet and salty roundabout. Chew chew!


Hosted by Kitty Flanagan and Dave O'Neil

Edited by Courtney Carthy, Nearly Media

Artwork by Stacy Gougoulis

Theme music is Love in Montmarte by Studio Le Bus

Audio hosting by Omny Studio

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