Welcome! 欢迎! Bienvenida! Prego! Σας παρακαλούμε!

Welcome! 欢迎! Bienvenida! Prego! Σας παρακαλούμε!

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Ad-free podcasts?

In between producing podcasts we've been working on a way for you to financially contribute to the podcasts you listen to.

It's called Lenny. Joining will get you ad-free podcast feeds to The Junkees, Somehow Related and The Debrief.

  • Go to Lenny.fm and choose 4 or more podcasts you want to support
  • It's only $4US a month total.
  • The top 4 podcasts you choose receive an equal split of your support.

It's early days, version 1 so far.

Check out Lenny.fm

Or read more about the concept and why it's a great way to support the podcasts you spend time with.