We’re giving away the Polly Waffle press kit!

We’re giving away the Polly Waffle press kit!
The Polly Waffle press kit.

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This turned up in the mail today. And with Kitty working on Fisk and Dave doing gigs, we’re not getting to it anytime soon.

Plus! There’s a bunch of stuff in here you can’t eat - mugs, socks, tea and a dressing gown.

So we’re giving it away to one person!

All you need to do is subscribe to nearly.com.au for free.

We’ll randomly choose one subscriber and email them on Monday.

Update: Nathan was chosen!

We put it in the mail and a few days later, this post popped up on The Junkees Facebook Group.

We'll do this again!

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To get the best address, please email - courtney@nearly.com.au

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