What's all this then?

We're doing a bit more with what we all enjoy :)

What's all this then?

We're not making a big fuss about a new website. Pretty excited to have it up though ;)

Here's what we've been thinking.

There's so many great stories and tangents on the podcasts, and further reading sparked by them, that we thought it worth making this website as an extension.

How that'll materialise...

  • Articles for podcast episodes and other projects. That means summaries, the best quotes, highlights, tangents, videos and other things mentioned. Basically you'll be able to get something like the episodes but in article form. And then, of course, we'll get carried away and do more.
  • Articles are available for free. You'll just need to join with your email address by creating a FREE account. If you're super keen and want to support  you can for $3 a month here when you subscribe.
  • There's many articles for us to catch up on. We're working through them, while trying to keep up with the 3+ new episodes & articles to publish each week for free.
  • Podcasts already available and future episodes will continue to be free. No change, we're not messing with that experience. You can now get episodes ad-free and some come early if you're a paid subscriber on Apple Podcasts.

Plenty of work going on behind the scenes - writing, editing, transcribing, sourcing audio, studio work, graphic design and more.

If you have a suggestion for an article get in touch.

It's a bit of a leap!

But after 5 years of our little production company we think it's worth putting the stories from our podcasts in more than one place.

We don't think a podcast network has done this before, so your feedback - send to hi@nearly.com.au - and patience or gung-ho support is all much appreciated!

Big thanks for reading and listening!

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