World Cup Road Trip

World Cup Road Trip

A daily podcast from the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

All about what’s happening behind the Putin Curtain, interviews with fans and whatever else you might expect from a normal day in Russia.

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Francis Leach

Broadcaster, Journalist, Writer and mad fan of The Clash, Francis is a man in love with ideas.

Passionate about people, sport, music, popular culture and great writing, he connects with audiences around the world.

Tony Wilson

Socceroos tragic and the author of the 2006 World Cup fan memoir, ‘Australia United’.

He was also on the streets in South Africa for ‘Santo Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever’.

He’s a friend and regular collaborator with Francis Leach, sharing segments on SEN and ABC radio.

Tony also writes children’s books, and runs Speakola.

His favourite ever Socceroo is Scott Chipperfield. Because he didn’t just park the bus, he drove one.



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Artwork by Studio Baker

Edited by Courtney Carthy