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10 Questions with Dave Thornton, stand-up comedian and actor

"When I was doing breakfast radio...the ugliest side of me came out."
10 Questions with Dave Thornton, stand-up comedian and actor

STAND-up comedian, actor, radio personality, and voiceover artist Dave Thornton spoke with Adam Zwar.

"Dave grew up in Geelong, took his first steps into stand-up comedy in his early-20s, and his 'gift of the gab' was soon recognized by Nova and then Fox FM, where he hosted various shows including the top-rating Fifi, Dave, and Fev," Adam said.

"Personally, I was always grateful to be able to cut to yet another hilarious piece of Dave Thornton wisdom on the Agony series.

"These days, he's bringing up two girls, and doing some of the best stand-up of his life."

1. When were you most happy?

"[I did] these gigs in South Africa...in these massive theatres - a casino theatre to 3000 people a night - just getting up and doing stand-up," Dave said.

"They were treating us really well, and the locals were so happy we turned up.... They just loved you being there.

"Stand-up seemed to have just hit, relatively... People were electric about it... and it was, it was really, really nice to see."

2. Who would you like to apologise to and why?

"When I was doing breakfast radio, because of the sleep deprivation that was happening, probably the ugliest side of me came out.

"You're in meetings, you're so short and impatient, and you just want to get out.

"Apologies to anyone that had to put up with that, because...at times it might have come out as malicious. I wasn't intending on it, I was just at wits' end."

3. What is your greatest regret?

"My father passed away when I was 19.

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