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10 Questions with Shaun Grant, AACTA award-winning screenwriter.

"I came from a town where filmmakers didn't exist."
10 Questions with Shaun Grant, AACTA award-winning screenwriter.

ADAM Zwar spoke with the man behind new Australian film Nitram, screenwriter - and former teacher - Shaun Grant.

"Sean's debut film Snowtown, about the infamous Snowtown murders in South Australia in the 1990s, won multiple awards and screened at Critics' Week at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival," Adam said.

"That's where Sean's career took off, writing the feature films Jasper Jones, Berlin Syndrome, Penguin Bloom, The True History of the Kelly Gang, and Nitram.

"He also wrote for David Fincher's Mindhunter on Netflix, and one of my favourite Australian miniseries Deadline Gallipoli.

"He's possibly Australia's most in-demand screenwriter, known for his willingness to tackle the weighty emotional subjects that others might see as too dangerous, or too difficult to make.

"Nitram premiered at Cannes a few months ago where the response to the film was unanimously positive... and that's where my conversation with Shaun started...

"When I asked him when he was most happy, he said 'now,' and he wasn't just referring to his professional success, which he credits as being partly due to his continuing working relationship with the director, Justin Kurzel, but also the fact that he recently got married."

To the interview!

1. When were you most happy?

"I clearly remember a moment where I felt joy like I'd never felt before," Shaun said.

"My happiest moment in time...starts not that happy. I learned that [my first wife] was having an affair on the morning of the AFL Grand Final. Hawthorn, my beloved team, were playing Geelong.

"There was a moment...in the second half where Buddy Franklin hand-balls to Stuart Dew and he slots one from the boundary, and I knew we had won, and I felt a rush like I'd never felt before... I just needed it on that day.

"Muhammad, Jehovah, God, whoever... gave me that, because I needed it that day more than anyone else, and I just remember feeling this electric bolt of happiness for that split second."

2. Who would you like to apologise to, and why?

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