10 Questions with Hugh Sheridan, actor, singer and dancer

"I've got to tell you something that I've never told anyone ever before..." - Hugh Sheridan

10 Questions with Hugh Sheridan, actor, singer and dancer

FOUR-time Logie Award-winning 'triple threat' - that's actor, singer, AND dancer! - Hugh Sheridan, spoke with Adam Zwar.

"Hugh Sheridan grew up in Adelaide with six brothers and sisters, studied ballet with the Australian Ballet, sang with the State Opera of South Australia, and studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art," Adam said.

"Hugh's major break was playing Ben Rafter in the Channel 7 hit Packed to the Rafters, and what followed was the limited series INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, House Husbands and Five Bedrooms.

"His new stage show Hughman, is a mixture of disco and old-school cabaret, while a new series of Packed to the Rafters (called Back to the Rafters) returns on Amazon Prime."

10 Questions with Hugh Sheridan

1. When were you most happy?

"When I was a toddler... I was running across this beach in South Australia on the Fleurieu Peninsula called Aldinga Beach," Hugh said.

"It's a long distance from the sand to the water. The sand was so hot, and the bitumen was so hot, and I'd just be running to get to the water, like racing, and the sand would be whipping my legs.

"I was just so excited about getting in that freezing cold water. That's my happy place. That, I think, is my happiest."

2. Who would you like to apologise to, and why?

"I'm pretty good with apologies. I had an ex a while ago who I didn't talk to for a long time.

"We both held grudges, and then I realised - even though I felt like I was very hard done by - the best thing to do was to actually contact them and say, 'sorry,' and actually apologise.

"As soon as I opened the gate... they said sorry straight back. That was very cathartic.

"I think that forgiveness and sorrys should be dealt with."

3. What is your greatest regret?

"Regrets... I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention...

"I just have so few because I'm a true believer in that everything happens for a reason, and that nothing happens by chance.

"I had a huge regret years ago... I landed this amazing job...to play Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. I was finally going to get to use my dancing skills.

"I'd said yes to this [hosting] job...for the money, because I was told to do it, and it clashed [with Dirty Dancing] by two weeks.

"I knew in my heart that I wasn't supposed to do this [hosting] job, and yet I did it.

"I was really, really angry, and I really regretted not trusting my gut... I was trying very hard to get fired.

"They were like, 'We're not firing you. You're doing the job, you have to do it, and you have to live with it.' So in the end, I did the job."

4. What do you still need to do to live a satisfactory life?

"I think I better do the film.

(Hugh has written a movie, The Dance, which he will direct in 2022.)

"There's a message that comes up before the film starts and it says, this film is dedicated to your 16-year-old self. You are safe, you're okay, the best is yet to come. Trust me.

"That's a message from me to my 16-year-old self. It's a gift to the generations to come, and many people that probably think, 'should've done this, should've done that'."

5. Who is the person that most influenced you, and how?

"My grandmother [Adeline]. She was just a beautiful soul," Hugh said.

"She loved birds... She was very humble, very kind. She was a beautiful painter, and she did yoga. She was just a very unique soul.

"I loved her, and I don't think I realised how much she influenced me until after she passed away, and then for years to come.

"I think she had a very, very good understanding of the human condition, and I wish that she lived longer, just so I could talk to her more, but I do talk to her anyway. I named my cat after her."

6. When was the last time you cried, and why?

"I cry all the time. I'm in touch with my emotions.

"My dad passed away three months ago. He was a big part of my life... He was a big showman.

"I miss him all the time, and I still cry about him every other day, because I forget that he's not there."

7. What is your current state of mind?

"My current state of mind... It's been a lot of work.

"I'm trying to be incredibly grateful, because I feel like when I'm really busy, I get very creative, and I haven't been this busy for a long time.

"I've been doing 17-hour days, some days just going on two hours' sleep, so my main thing has been just to keep going... make good choices, but also just to constantly remain grateful."

8. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

"There's been a lot of times in my life where I've had hurdles that have been really challenging for me on a personal level.

"There have been times in my life where it's been darker than lighter, and how easy it is to just think that you could just have all let it go.

"But I think, actually, my greatest achievement is just surviving.

"If anyone's ever struggling for their greatest achievement, it's waking up that day, because it takes a lot these days."

9. Who would you like on your side in a battle, and why?

"My mum, because I sure as hell wouldn't want her on the other side.

"I'd want my mates, my friends, my family, because I'd do anything for them, and they'd do anything for me."

10. What would you like your last words to be?

"I've got to tell you something that I've never told anyone ever before..."

Adam's book Twelve Summers: Being a life-long fan of Australian cricket is harder than it looks, is out now.

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