It's a creaming soda-off!

Let the soda flow with Schweppervescence...

It's a creaming soda-off!

Dave and Kitty were positively fizzing in this episode, as creaming soda overflowed.

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Kitty loves to drink it on its own, but especially enjoys popping some vanilla ice-cream in, and making a spider - "heaven."

They tasted and compared...

(Two weeks prior, The Junkees also taste tested Kirks Red Creaming Soda, so we've included their thoughts on that one, too!)

Also in this episode

Let the soda flow with Schweppervescence...

(Bundabescence doesn't quite have the same ring to it.)

1. Bundaberg Burgundee Creaming Soda

Bundaberg describes their old creaming soda recipe as an " berry brew" that is "one of a kind."


KITTY: "It smells like medicine, but it doesn't taste like medicine."

DAVE: "That is beautiful."

KITTY: "It's a lot more subtle than the Kirks' one from the other week, isn't it?"

(Check out the Kirks' reactions below)

"Pretty nice. It's even got a hint of vanilla in it, I think."

DAVE: "I reckon it has."

KITTY: "Which is what makes it taste like creaming soda.

"That would come up a treat with some ice-cream in that."

2. Schweppes Brown Cream Soda

Schweppes call their Brown Cream Soda a famous and "true taste sensation" that is "deliciously creamy" and has "notes of smooth vanilla."


KITTY: "More Schweppervescence than in the Bundaberg one.

"It just hits you, the vanilla. I can't go past it. I love the vanilla so much.

"If I got to put ice-cream in the Bundaberg one, I'd bloody love it because that would give me the vanilla flavour I'm craving in my creaming soda, but if I can't get to the ice-cream, then you've got to go with the Brown Creaming Soda."

DAVE: "The Bundaberg is a slightly different experience, still very good. But the Schweppes for being the classic taste, it still rules."

3. Kirks red Creaming Soda (tasted two weeks prior in the Red vs Brown episode)

Kirks say their creaming soda is "as classic as the sound of an ice-cream truck on a hot summer's day."


DAVE: "That's more strawberry-raspberryish, isn't it?"

KITTY: "What's missing there is the delicious ice-cream [flavour] already in it.

"I think that would be nice with ice-cream in it, but just to drink on its own, I don't think I'd love that as much as the Schweppes."

DAVE: "The Schweppes is more traditional creamy soda."


"Just get some" Schweppes Brown Cream Soda.

DAVE: "It still rules."


This one from Kitty was an absolute CRACKER! No, really, it was a cracker.

We think this Natural Cracker Company crispy taco cracker must have been limited edition and discontinued, as we can't find a shop online that stocks it!

DAVE: "Oh, wow! It's Mexican."

KITTY: "Your palette has never been sharper."

DAVE: "That's cumin."

KITTY: "There's something really strong you can taste in there... It does taste like it.

"There's one specific element to the Mexican it really tastes of... a dip thing.

"It's an actual meal, but all the elements are in there. I'm going to give them a tick for getting the flavour right."

DAVE: "Oh... tacos!"

KITTY: "It's crispy taco flavour, Dave. You're tasting guacamole... the lime juice."

DAVE: "That is like a taco."


Kitty was given some Korean Choco Pies to try.

"The perfect snack for after playtime, or with your favourite coffee in the morning," said the packet.

KITTY: "They look like a fat Wagon Wheel.

"Ooh, Dave, it's weird. I don't know where the biscuit stops and the marshmallow begins."

DAVE: "Yeah, and the biscuit's too soft for me.

"I was expecting a Wagon Wheel experience. You know I'm a big fan of Wagon Wheels."

KITTY: "There's no crunch there at all, you could basically eat that if you didn't have teeth. You could just gum that.

DAVE: "I'm going to drop them off at mum's nursing home. Soft food, they call that in the nursing home world.

"They'd be rapt to receive that."

KITTY: "It's actually the texture of a McDonald's cheeseburger.

DAVE: "I wouldn't eat that. I wouldn't buy that. Nice chocolate, [though]."


The Junkees quarantined their Allen's party lollies for five weeks because they'd been near chocolate cupcakes, and smelt more like cake than they did lollies!

But did it make a difference? Is the famous virus starting with C gone?

The "cupcake virus," that is, what else would it be?

KITTY: "I reckon I've got a clean one, here. I've got the yellow one.

"That smells clean, that doesn't smell like it's got any chocolate left on it.

"Some of my other ones do. They still smell infected.

"I had mine spaced out in a container."

DAVE: "I had mine in a wine glass."

KITTY: "It's not good science, Dave."

DAVE: "Well that's my lab, for you. We're slap-dash."

KITTY: "They're just re-infecting each other when you do that. A bit of chocolate tries to leave and just gets transferred into the other lolly, and then back again.

"It's everything that's wrong with Victoria at the moment. The family's re-infecting itself.

DAVE: "That is a microcosm of Victoria, my glass. You're more like Perth, you're doing it right."

KITTY: "That's a tier one site you've got in that glass."

DAVE: "I've got a yellow one, too. It doesn't smell of cupcake, but let's have a crack.

KITTY: "That's clear, that's lost its virus. I love the hard, chewy texture we've given it by airing them.

"That's a nice, strong lemon flavour."

DAVE: "Mine's still got a hint of cupcake, I have to say, so I think, in the experiment, you've got to space them out.

"You can't have them together in a wine glass, they've got to be isolating.

KITTY: "They do, Dave, they have to isolate.

"Ooh, that's actually pretty nice."

DAVE: "Nice lemon!"

KITTY: "It's a very good lemon, tempered by that creamy bit at the end."

DAVE: "Beautiful... I'm lovin' it."

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