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10 Questions with Matt Preston, former MasterChef judge, writer and foodie.

"I would quite like a really aggressive and very loyal Bengal tiger, flying a Lockheed Martin F45 fighter jet."
10 Questions with Matt Preston, former MasterChef judge, writer and foodie.

ADAM Zwar spoke to one of his favourite people in Australian showbusiness; food writer, ABC Radio Melbourne presenter, and iconic, colourful, cravat-wearing former MasterChef judge Matt Preston.

"Matt Preston is one of the most recognisable faces in Australia, due to his role as a judge on MasterChef, but his story started in England, going to boarding school, then the University of Kent before following his father into journalism," Adam said.

"Matt wrote about television in Britain, before the company workforce sent him out to Australia to write about TV here.

"He then segued into writing about food for The Age, News Corp, and the magazine Inside Melbourne.

"Now, he's written his eighth book, Matt Preston's World of Flavour, where among other things, he's uncovered the genesis of Spaghetti Bolognese. Spoiler, it's not a New Zealand invention, it's...a South Australian invention."

1. When were you most happy?

"The clichéd stuff is obviously child 1, 2, 3, wedding. Genuinely, those are the moments," Matt said.

"There's happiness which is kind of a warm fuzzy glow, then there's elation; a moment when you explode, and that would be, invariably, football-based.

"It's things like... being with a load of Carlton supporters, and it's a really tight game. They think that they've won, and we (Collingwood) wind them in and beat them, and that immense pleasure that comes up...

"In the old days, you'd be standing with a rum and Coke, fourth quarter, down on the boundary fence, surrounded by your Carlton mates, giving it large!"

2. Who would you like to apologise to, and why?

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