JFK Assassination & Meat Loaf

"Why would you call yourself Meat Loaf?"

JFK Assassination & Meat Loaf
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WHAT does the murder of the 35th President of the United States have to do with the late power ballad singer, actor, and Hot Patootie?

We know Meat Loaf would do anything for love, but probably not the former.

Like a bat out hell, Sam asked Dave and Glenn to figure out what connects the assassination of John F. Kennedy with Marvin Lee Aday...

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DAVE: "It must be the singer... but when was the last time you had meatloaf?"

GLENN: "I remember we went through a period where we had meatloaf a lot.

"Meat. Loaf. It's a lump of meat that looks like a loaf of bread... and you slice it up. It's beautiful, it's magnificent.

"Anyway... Meat Loaf the person. Obviously his parents didn't name him that."

DAVE: "He's got a real name."

GLENN: "His surname isn't Loaf, is it? ...and his first name's Meat. Obviously he's changed his name.

"Why would you call yourself Meat Loaf? Because he's a big bloke?

DAVE: "I think someone gave him the nickname maybe at school. Wasn't he a quarterback player?

"We know him as a singer, but he's a good actor. He was really good in Fight Club."

GLENN: "He's notorious for what happened at the Grand Final... What's his biggest song? Bat out of hell?"

DAVE: "Bat out of hell. I wasn't a Meat Loaf fan, but I remember kids at school liking Meat Loaf, girls liked Meat Loaf for some reason.

"I'd do a lot for love..." hmmm, not quite, Dave... "but I wont do that.

"I interviewed Meat Loaf."

GLENN: "What? Really?"

DAVE: "He came into Nova, and we interviewed him. He kept saying that Meat Loaf was just a character that he does.

"He'd yell... 'Shut up, you idiots! Hughesy, Kate and Dave, you're losers!' That kind of stuff."

GLENN: "...and what was he like when the red light wasn't on? Was he a bit, sort of, just normal?"

DAVE: "A bit subdued. But when the mic came on, he was like, 'argh!'"

GLENN: "We all have a persona we take on when we get on stage. You know me, I'm into meditation, yoga, health foods, and have a vegan diet, whereas on stage, I'm a fabulous fun guy. A fantastic fun guy!

"Is it true that Meat Loaf had an oxygen mask backstage?"

DAVE: "I reckon that's true."

GLENN: "Yeah, I do, too. He was a big boy.

"I was doing the Kel walk once on stage, I went really fast, and I got really puffed out and I couldn't get my breath. It's kind of scary, am I going to faint?

"It must be good with the oxygen thing. Come off stage, bang a bit of oxygen in, back on deck.

"This show's quite arduous, maybe I should set up a little unit here...

"So, JFK..."

DAVE: "The assassination."

GLENN: "What does F stand for? Fitzgerald. It's a cool name, isn't it?"

DAVE: "Yeah, it should come back."

GLENN: "We've spoken about JFK back in the early days of the podcast.

"He wore a girdle, and that's why, when his life was taken, he didn't fall over, he stayed upright.

"The assassination was on the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas. Of course, it was..."

DAVE: "Lee Harvey Oswald."

GLENN: "Lee Harvey Oswald."

DAVE: "I read about Lee Harvey Oswald. There's a book called Libra which is by Don DeLillo, a fiction writer.

"It's half based on true facts about Lee Harvey Oswald's life. Fascinating."

GLENN: "What's your theory?"

DAVE: "It turned me around. I reckon it was a single shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, from the building.

"One of the original conspiracy theories was the JFK shooting. But Lee Harvey Oswald was in the army, and then he lived in Russia for several years, married a Russian woman, and came back."

GLENN: "So you're saying he was a communist wanting to take out..."

DAVE: "He was a communist sympathiser, but I reckon he could handle a weapon, and that's the biggest thing about shooting someone, being able to handle a gun, and because he was in the army, he knew how to handle a weapon, that's what I believe.

"There's also a theory that the cop in the car's gun went off... Who knows?"

Thinking Music

Dave and Glenn couldn't go past Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to "Mr President" John F. Kennedy as their thinking music.

Dave thought Meat Loaf might have been on the grassy knoll when JFK was shot, while Glenn guessed he was in the cinema where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested.

Meat Loaf claimed he and his friends were pulled over after the JFK assassination by secret service agents who - while trying to get to the hospital - commandeered their car.

He shared this story on a 2006 episode of The Howard Stern Show.

Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf's debut album, was composed and written by Jim Steinman in 1977, and is one of the highest-selling records of all time.

Two years earlier, he played Eddie, the performer of rock-and-roll number Hot Patootie, in musical film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It was announced on 21 January, 2022 that Meat Loaf, AKA Marvin Lee Aday, had died in the company of his wife Deborah Gillespie.

Following speaking engagements, US President John F. Kennedy was shot on the 22nd of November, 1963, while riding in the back of a convertible in Dallas, Texas.

He was sitting beside his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and died of his wounds shortly afterwards.

If you're interested to hear more about the link between JFK and corsets, have a listen to this early Somehow Related ep from May, 2018!

What's that? Let's hear Meat Loaf's AFL Grand Final performance one more time, you say? You took the words right out of my mouth!


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