Another 10 Questions with Lawrence Mooney, actor, writer, stand up comedian.


Another 10 Questions with Lawrence Mooney, actor, writer, stand up comedian.

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One of my favourite comedians, Lawrence Mooney.

I love Lawrence because he says the things I dare not think.

He’s an actor, a writer, a stand up and of course a radio host.

I’ve known him since we made the pilot for the Agony series back in 2010 and it was about 30 seconds into interviewing him that I knew we had a show.

So I’m  extremely grateful to him.

Other career highlights for Lawrence include hosting the tonight show, Dirty Laundry Live, the Paralympics for ABC2, and Moonman in the Morning for Triple M.

Lawrence Mooney
He’s back with a new show having stepped out from behind Malcolm Turnbull and into the light of a brave new world. There’s lots to get through after three years, buy a ticket take the ride, it’s going to be quite beautiful.

Adam's book Twelve Summers: Being a life-long fan of Australian cricket is harder than it looks, is out now.

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