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Help Crowd-Sauce The Junkees!

The ultimate party mix!
Help Crowd-Sauce The Junkees!

We're creating a big list of everything covered in the show and could use your help.

A few people have asked about something like this from time to time, so we thought we should get to it.

We made it through a fair bit (unfinished episode list with treats listed), before realising what a big job it is!

First things first.

What we want to make;

  1. A full episode list with all the treats featured (here it is so far)
  2. Alphabetical list of all the food featured
  3. Anything else fun/useful with the information that you suggest! Email me - courtney@nearly.com.au

So that's the aim.

Would you like to help us create a sweet and salty database?

If so, read on!

Help us create a resource for all Junkees fans!

Here's what to do.

  • We've made a big spreadsheet to hold all the information.
  • Claim an episode by ticking the box and let us know by email which episode you've picked
  • Add information from that episode into the spreadsheet (you can edit it, watch out for other info).
  • Find episode info in the draft episode list or by listening to that episode (click on the title in the spreadsheet).

These are boxes that tell everyone the status of episodes.

Add the product, segment and reaction.

Also space for more notes at the far right.

If you think more info should be included please email with episode number and title in the subject to - hi@nearly.com.au

Worth noting that if we don't have a big uptake in the crowd-saucing project that's ok. It'll just take a little longer to get the database together for everyone to use.

For anyone that helps out we'll add your email address to the paid subscriber list of nearly.com.au for FREE.

We don't know what benefits that has yet but when something comes up you're already on the list.

If you want to do more than one episode (hey, that's appreciated!) please do! But claim and complete one at a time.


  1. Big Spreadsheet to populate
  2. Helpful but incomplete list of all episodes and treats
  3. Desktop podcast player with all episodes and descriptions listed
  4. Support email - hi@nearly.com.au (ask for Courtney 😉)

Big thanks for your help!

Looking forward to having a database available for everyone.

Lastly, if you have special database skills that you'd like to contribute beyond what we've planned please let us know!