Missy Higgins and Jess Perkins on Confessions of the Idiots LIVE Melbourne show!

"It's a bit looser with a live audience," says host Sammy P. "Missy and Jess are absolute audience favourites for the pod!"

Missy Higgins and Jess Perkins on Confessions of the Idiots LIVE Melbourne show!
Jess Perkins and Missy Higgins on Confessions Of The Idiots with Sammy P - Live show at Comedy Republic in Melbourne

We catch up with Sammy P, host of Confessions of the Idiots, to find out why it's worth getting along.

Even if we do/don't know and love/don't love the show/Sammy/Jess Perkins/Missy Higgins.

"It's a bit looser with a live audience."

"Missy and Jess are absolute audience favourites for the pod!"

Are the Confessions going to be chosen to play to their strengths?

"The confessions are chosen for each guest - will definitely play to their strengths!"

Is this the first time they've been on the show?

"Jess is a regular - Missy has been on once before!"

Why did you choose Comedy Republic?

"Comedy Republic is one of the best comedy rooms in Melbourne.

"It’s perfect for an intimate, live show."

(Sammy P is right. It's an awesome venue for comedy. Probably because comedian Kyran Wheatley and Alex Dyson, Vote 1!, started the place. One thing that wrecks comedy is the "comedy moat", space between the performers and the audience.)

It's been ages since your last live show - why the gap?

"It’s only been a few months!"

Confessions of the Idiots LIVE

Featuring Missy Higgins and Jess Perkins!

6.30pm, 7th of October 2022

Comedy Republic

Bouke Street Melbourne

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About Confessions Of The Idiots

Each week Sammy P finds the funniest / weirdest online confessions for great guests to give advice on.

It's a weekly podcast, released each Sunday in Australia, where Sammy Petersen reads the funniest, and strangest, online confessions to hilarious guests.

The popcast™ began as an opportunity for two friends to get together each week, have a wine and a whine about confessions.

Nothing has changed since then.

As actor (and frequent guest) Dave Lawson often says, confessions are usually one of the big three: fucking, shitting or ghosts.

However, there is certainly no shortage confessions filled with kinks, quirks, piss, fraud and other depravities for you to fall in love with!

Check out the 200th if you haven't already (with Jess Perkins!)

About Jess Perkins/@jess_perkins

Comedian, Podcaster, Radio kid. Can be heard on Triple J, @dogoonpod podcast or by holding a shell up to your ear. She / Her.


About Missy Higgins/@missyhiggins

A favourite Australian singer-songwriter. You know her.