Splice vs Split - Summer Showdown!

Pretty sure it was Mungo Jerry who sang, "In the summer time when the weather is fine... you got ice cream, you got ice cream on your mind."

Splice vs Split - Summer Showdown!
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UPDATE [16:18 - 09/01/2022] - Gemma emailed us more information about the first Blind Test from Dave. Added below.

Splitting/splicing hairs for this Summer Showdown.

Kitty Flanagan samples the Bulla Split (left) and Streets Splice (right)
Kitty Flanagan samples the Bulla Split (left) and Streets Splice (right)

Splice, pine-lime flavour - Streets


KITTY - "It's tastes different to how I remember pine-lime Splice, I think they've changed the flavour."

DAVE - "What's off putting is the new flavouring."

KITTY - "You know what it is, I reckon they've switched to an artificial flavouring because I can taste the artificial in that now."

DAVE - "It's a little bit kind of acid-ie."

Split, lemon-lime flavour - Bulla


KITTY - "Oh, god, I'm going to give it to the Bulla, just on first bite... Ooo yeah, it's creamier."

DAVE - "Oh beautiful, that's great."

WINNER: Lemon-lime Split from Bulla. Hands down.

If you're from Streets and would like to correct any assertions about a change in recipe please email - hi@nearly.com.au

Blind Tests!

Some of these below are rare and exotic samples that don't have ready websites to link to.

If you're able to hunt down a reference for any please email us - hi@nearly.com.au

Dave - Lemon flavoured french fries from a Chinese grocer


Kitty - "Oo! Oo gee!"

Dave - "What flavour is that?"

Kitty - "Sharp flavour?"

Dave - "Yeah! Sharp, very sharp!"

Kitty - "I think they're quite nice... gee that's a find. Oh! They're starting to taste like dishwashing liquid."

UPDATE: Gemma emailed us with this information about the lemon flavoured fries.

The Minion-wrapped lemon french fry: It is from Japanese snack company KOIKE-YA and flavour is Suppa Mucho Itazura Lemon

This page has plenty of info: MoshiMoshi

Can be purchased here: traveljapanmarketplace.com

Kitty - Smoked Tomato flavoured Chappy's Chip


Kitty - "It's like licking the battery again!... Oh wow that is a strong tasting chip. And I'm not actually tasting the flavour of it, I'm tasting the smoke of the BBQ."

Kitty - "I've licked this chip about four times and there's still a lot of lick is coming off it."

Dave - "That's tomato?!?! Show us that!... Who smokes a tomato? I tell you what they're not bad."

Dave - Banana Kick, artificial banana flavoured puff made by Nongshim


Kitty - "They're an exciting looking puff, and they're kind of shiny! It smells like bubblegum."

Dave - "Very odd."

Kitty - "Round of applause for that one, that was terrific."

Banana Kick are available on Amazon

Kitty - Dill Pickle flavoured Chappy's Chip


Kitty - "I hope you're enjoying the colour of those... they look like they've gone mouldy."

Dave - "Oh! Eugh! Pesto?"

Kitty - "I don't mind that."

Dave - "They are worth it just for the colour."

Kitty - "Yeah, it looks like you've poured someone a bowl of mouldy chips. I quite like those."

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