Best of the Blinds!

We're digging up the questionable flavours from episodes past to revisit why they made such an impression.

Best of the Blinds!

Four memorable Blind Tests from Dave and Kitty.

THE Blind Tests have become the most frequent and popular segment on The Junkees.

Full of burn, sharp, sick and other questionable flavours.

Over summer we're revisiting four Blind Tests from the year that left a 'taste' in our mouths.

Two episodes released to for listening from 16 and 23 of January 2022.

Read on for reactions and to know, in most cases, what to avoid!

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Kyushu Seaweed flavoured chips - Lay's


Dave - What's that smell?

Kitty - Dirt?

Cue chewing music

Kitty - Bleugh! My got that's like sick! That's sick on a chip! That's one of the worst we've had!

As heard in Red Rippers vs Milko

Black truffle and sea salt chips - Tartufi Jimmy


Dave - This smells like beef extract.

Kitty - It's not nice is it.

Cue chewing music

Dave - Oh! That's awful!... Oh! Give me some seaweed!

More from Tartufi Jimmy and his weird truffle chips here

As heard in Red Rippers vs Milko

Prosecco and pink peppercorns - Kettle Chips


Dave - Try some of my very sophisticated chip I've got for you.

Kitty - Ok I can see specks of red on it. Oh! It smells... there was something on the first smell I smelled something acidic like a lemon or a lime.

Cue chewing music

Kitty - [indescribable gargle, it's an impressive one]

More chewing music

Kitty - There's such a sourness to it! That is unpleasant.

Dave - Oh! Oh my god! Is sick a flavour???

They're no longer around anymore (we asked Kettle).

If they were - "Don't buy them. Do not buy them" says Dave.

As heard in Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs

Haggis and cracked pepper chips - Mackie's of Scotland

Looking at the ingredients they've actually got haggis in them!


Kitty - Is it cheese and vinegar? There's definitely pepper.

Dave - Eugh, I've just tasted it.

Cue chewing music

Kitty didn't pick it but when Dave showed her the packet - "yuck!"

The pepper is very strong in this one.

Kitty - "That is top find!"

Dave discovered them in a local IGA.

As heard in Flake vs Twirl

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