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10 Questions with Dave Hughes, comedian and radio legend

"Life is absolutely ridiculous. It will continue to be, and so all you have to do is see the stupidity of life. There will always be something to laugh about."
10 Questions with Dave Hughes, comedian and radio legend

ARGUABLY Australia's most popular stand-up comedian over the last 25 years is Dave Hughes - Hughesy! - and he sat down to chat with Adam Zwar.

"He's played to packed houses all over the country for years, he's hosted radio shows on Nova, KIIS, and now 2DayFM," Adam said.

"TV shows he's either hosted, or been a regular on, include Hughesy, We Have a Problem, The Project, Before the Game, and of course, ABC's The Glass House.

1. When were you most happy?

"I remember driving to the airport one day after I'd just met my now wife, and I thought, 'you know what, I reckon I've met the one'." Hughesy said.

"I remember a feeling of joy on the Tullamarine Freeway... in 2002. It was a sense of 'oh, I think maybe I'm onto something here.'

"Twenty years later, here we are."

2. Who would you like to apologise to, and why?

"I've got a new motto, a recent motto; if you live in the moment, you can't hold grudges.

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