The Junkees Pub Meal

With the freedom to head back to pubs and soak up the hospitality Kitty thought it a great idea to pull together a pub meal from treats in the Junkees Universe.

The Junkees Pub Meal

Treats this episode

  • Root Beer
  • DJ&A Potato Wedges
  • Blind Tests
  • Sweet Sweeeet Freak Of The Week (that's right, two segments pushed together)
Facebook Group for The Junkees is here - so many great photos!

Reactions and blind tests!

Root Beer

Dave was very sceptical leading up to sampling it, suggesting it had a medicine flavour from memory.

"I'm loving that. That's beautiful."

Kitty's done some lame research - what's the difference between root beer and sarsaparilla?

Kitty explains

Sarsaparilla was made with the root of the sassafras tree. But it's now illegal because the root of the sassafras tree is carcinogenic. So you can't do that anymore. But root beer, also made from the root of another tree.

DJ&A Potato Wedges

High hopes for these. They dig into the sweet chilli flavour first.

Laughter from both then Dave said...

What is that?!?! It's like eating dirt!

Kitty describes it...

It's like we've gone to the pub three weeks after they've closed and there was a bowl of chips that someone's been using as an ashtray. And we just ate the stale chips that had been used as an ashtray. It's disgusting.

Not going back to try the other flavour. Not even leaving them for the guys in the studio. Straight in the bin.

Made in Australia, so that's good, we think?

Blind Tests

Dave - Bamba peanut snack with hazelnut cream filling.

Kitty - Heartland Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Margarita Salsa

Sweet Sweeeet Freak Of The Week!

A line extension from Pineapple Lumps - Peach Lumps.

Suggestion, based on the illusive fourth Clinker flavour, for anyone at Pascal - "Mystery Lumps!" It could also cross promote testicular cancer awareness!

Dave's on the campaign for free.

Dave reaction

The smell is almost overpowering. Like you've walked into a toilet that's just been cleaned by the council.

Kitty reaction

The flavour's barely there, that's so weird. Takes a while for the peaches to develop.
I just love the texture of these.

What an episode!

"Started so badly", Kitty Flanagan referencing the wedges.

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