Choc chip cookies - chock-a-block or a flop?

"That's the first time I've spat something out on The Junkees. I just didn't even want it in my mouth."

Choc chip cookies - chock-a-block or a flop?
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Kitty and Dave tried three non-fancy chocolate chip cookies, discovering unanticipated complexities, and unfortunately, some let downs!

Cookies considered...

(What happened to Nabisco's cookies? The Nabisco Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies were the high-value biscuit in Kitty's house growing up - "and they were THE chocolate chip cookie, there was no other.")

Also in this episode...

To the taste tests, chockers with chocolate, and a few sips of milk!


1. Arnott's Farm Bake Chocolate Chip

DAVE: "Not bad! Crisp."

KITTY: "It's pretty good. It's quite sugary, like the cookie itself, you can almost taste the grains of sugar in it. They haven't melted in."

DAVE: "If you were in an office or a building site or something, you'd be happy with that, I reckon."

KITTY: "They're not like a regular-sized cookie."

DAVE: "They're tiny."

KITTY: "Oh, no, I don't like it. I'm spitting it out."

DAVE: "Eugh... What is that taste? Is that fat?"

KITTY: "It tastes like they're stale already... Gee, they were bad.

"Honestly, that's the first time I've ever done that on The Junkees, I just didn't even want it in my mouth.

"The texture's awful. There's a really fake flavour."

KITTY: "It's not disgusting, but I don't like it."

DAVE: "It's got a weird flavour. It's like a milky kind-of flavour. It tastes like what I imagine baby milk formula tastes like."

KITTY: "It tastes a bit like baby sick."


Arnott's Farm Bake was "streets ahead" for Kitty and Dave, but they still thought Nabisco would "clean up" if they got back in the market.


Dave brought in some Red Rock Deli Portuguese chicken, lemon and oregano chips for Kitty to try, knowing the "unique combination" was "not good."

KITTY: "I'm smelling herbs, and maybe a lemon. I can also smell chicken.

"Let me guess... Oregano. It's like roast chicken, because I can taste the skin.

"Yuck. When you lick it, it tastes like chicken, but when you eat it, it just tastes like you ate a lemon."

DAVE: "It's very lemony."

Kitty struggled to choose something unique for blind testing this week, but ended up with some pork crackle with Dave's fave, paprika.

KITTY: "I want to see if he can recognise paprika-flavoured pork crackle.

"Blaughhhh! I just smelled it, I'm gonna be sick."

DAVE: "That's pork crackle... It's burning!"

KITTY: "My god, that's going to make me throw up."

DAVE: "It's just like a burn flavour."

KITTY: "It's your favourite flavour, Dave."

DAVE: "Ohhh, it's paprika! That's disgusting. I love crackling and I love paprika, but they've ruined it."

Dave's final blind test for Kitty was Guinness-flavoured chips. Cheers!

KITTY: "Oh, wow, that's a weird smell. It's oddly familiar."

DAVE: "The biggest clue is the colour."

KITTY: "It's like beef stock cubes... Not Guinness or something?"

DAVE: "It's Guinness-flavoured chips."

KITTY: "It's true, I can smell it now; that weird smell... a beer-soaked bar mat.

"I actually have to eat one... Ah, ah, AH! Oh, god!"

DAVE: "I'm slowly poisoning you."

KITTY: "I'm probably going to do black poo as well."

Finally, British Confectionary & Sweets sent a few English treaties for The Junkees to try.

1. The Yorkie Bar

DAVE: "It's kind of like the plain-old dairy milk chunky bar of the old days."

KITTY: "It was marketed as a man's chocolate bar. It's a bit chunkier."

DAVE: "Not bad."

KITTY: "Wouldn't buy one. Maybe if I was desperate in a mini bar."

2. Caramac

DAVE: "Not as good as the old Caramilk but very similar."

KITTY: "I think it's better, almost like a really sweet Milky Bar."

3. Barratt Sherbet Fountain

DAVE: "It's got liquorice inside it to dip in the sherbet.

"Still good, mine's beautiful.

KITTY: "Ooh, yeah. It's a sharp sherbet, but I like it."

DAVE: "I'm locking it up for later. That is a beauty."

KITTY: "That liquorice is really hard and chewy. Ooh, yeah, that's good."

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