Aerogard and The Queen's visit to Australia in 1963

How are Aerogard, the Australian insect repellent, and Queen Elizabeth, England's longest ruling monarch, forever linked by a visit in 1963?

Aerogard and The Queen's visit to Australia in 1963

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Worlds apart. Insect repellent and a Royal visit?

Speaking of, the Aeroguard ads are going to start up again soon?

We're due for a Royal visit too, aren't we Bill?

Think Music: Aerogard insect repellent TV commercial Max Walker

From the CSIRO blog...

During the period 1938 to 1961 Doug Waterhouse carried out pioneering studies on the sheep blowfly, a major pest. This work was interrupted by the Second World War where his attention turned to ways of protecting allied troops from the mosquitoes responsible for malarial transmission. By 1943 the repellent was widely deployed in the Pacific and Doug was considered a hero for his development of the repellent referred to by the troops as β€˜Mary’.
However it took the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Australia in 1963 for the repellent to become a household name.

Things get a little tricky though.

The first time she was supposed to be sprayed with it, she wasn't!

Attending a garden party at Old Parliament House in Canberra...

...the aide responsible lost his nerve and the Queen was left madly swatting flies.

Read more at the CSIRO blog - "Aerogard"

Itinerary from HRH Queen Elizabeth's visit to Australia

As per document from Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Royal Yacht was given a work out as the primary mode of transport between cities.

The Queen and Prince were in Australia for just over a month. Several days are simply listed as 'At sea'. And seven days to get from Darwin to Fremantle.

The use of the Royal Yacht will also allow Her Majesty to enter the cities of Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle from the seaward.
Furthermore, it is Her Majesty's intention to use the yacht for entertainment purposes throughout the Visit.

It's not a short video but here's one about the visit from the National Film and Sound Archives.

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