Chicken on Chicken - for the Sunday roast and KFC lover!

Just saying - it's a chicken flavoured chip verses another chicken flavoured chip. With some more chicken. And chocolate. "I just got punched in the face with flavour! Woo!"

Chicken on Chicken - for the Sunday roast and KFC lover!

Kitty's book latest book is out! More Rules For Life!

Kitty and Dave taste tested a biscuit and a chip with something in common - 'tastes like chicken...'

The two contenders in this celebration of chicken, fried and roasted, were...

  1. Tyrrell's sunday best roast chicken chips
  2. Arnott's fried chicken Shapes

Also this episode - spoilers ahead...

To the chicken-y snacks!

1. Woolies say Tyrrell's Sunday best roast chicken thick kettle "crisps" are reminiscent of the "intoxicating aroma of a chicken slow-roasting in the oven."


KITTY: "Wow, that was roast chicken from the minute I put it in my mouth."

DAVE: "You can taste the thyme, and the herbs and the spices."

KITTY: "Mmm... That really tastes like Sunday's best roast chicken. It's almost too real, I almost miss the artificial chicken flavour that I'm used to.

DAVE: "It's an authentic flavour of real chicken..."

KITTY: "It should come with a wishbone in the packet. There's lemon in there, too."

DAVE: "It's beautiful. I liked it a lot."

2. According to delicious. magazine's Erina Starkey, Arnott's fried chicken Shapes are a "solid back-up" to good old Chicken in a Biskit crackers.


KITTY: "Wow! I just got punched in the face with flavour! Woo!"

DAVE: "That's like eating the KFC skin... They've outdone themselves in the lab; they're incredible."

VERDICT: Both the chips and the Shapes got The Junkees' tick of approval!

As Dave said, "just get some."

Blind Test...

Kitty brought along a favourite brand, the Boulder Canyon thin and crispy chips.

This time, she got Dave to try the cheddar and sour cream flavour, and thought he'd easily guess the combo... Which he did!

DAVE: "It's cheese... Oh, gee, it's a bit sour... They do taste like sour cream."

KITTY: "They're unusual, but I don't mind them."


1. "You talked, we listened!"

Taking tips from The Junkees' listener Facebook group, Kitty and Dave tried a Peanut Butter and Jelly milk chocolate bar from Whittaker's.

The brand's site describes the product as "five rows of Pic's Smooth Peanut Butter filling, and five rows of boysenberry jelly filling, encased in 33 per cent cocoa milk chocolate."

KITTY: "I like the jelly one, it's a bit Turkish Delight-y.

DAVE: "Ooh, yum!"

KITTY: "I think they work together. On its own, I don't really love that peanut butter thing, but mixed with the jelly, it's quite good."

DAVE: "I don't mind the jelly. Maybe it's the togetherness that makes it."

2. Freak of the Week!

Kitty brought in a 'freak of the week' treat with "scroggin" vibes that just simply made her laugh; the Fair Dinkum Easy Rider Cheesy Nut Mix.

From Sesh Snacks, they include "soya crisps and cheesy cashews, smashed together with corn tubes and even more cheese."

KITTY: "They're like tiny, mini Cheezels... and cheesy nuts."

DAVE: "I would avoid the Sesh."

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