Cheese Biscuits Arnott's Derby

Dave and Kitty taste-tested two of Arnott's cheesiest biscuits, assessing saltiness, crispness and flavour saturation.

Cheese Biscuits Arnott's Derby

It's cheddar AND pecorino VS just cheddar!

Cheds VS Country Cheese.

Also in this episode

Freaks of the Week - Cobs Corn Puffs Barbecue flavour, and Hubba Bubba flavoured M&Ms.

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But first, it's time for a cheese-off!

Arnott's cheese biscuits.

1. A "crisp cracker baked with real cheddar cheese, and sprinkled with pecorino." Arnott's say Cheds are treat for the "ultimate cheese-lover."


DAVE: "Good, yeah, solid."

KITTY: "Not quite enough cheese flavour, so you just keep going back for more. It's quite a good trick, that.

"I need another bite really quickly to get more. Nice sprinkling of salt on it, good texture."

DAVE: "Perfect savoury biscuit."

KITTY: "They're very well cooked. They're cooked to the point of, 'quick, you better get them out'."

DAVE: "Almost burnt, but not... There must be some guy standing by the oven, precisely taking them out.

"I've gone back for more."

KITTY: "With a nice piece of cheddar on that, you're really doubling down."

DAVE: "Or Cameron Bert!"

2. Arnott's Country Cheese is their "melt-in-mouth cracker" option, with "farmhouse cheddar."


DAVE: "They're not bad."

KITTY: "Nice texture, but they're not as cheesy as I remember. They're quite light on the cheese flavour, I'm going to try another one."

DAVE: "Would I be right in saying that the cheese is more a parmesan kind-of flavour? Strong kind-of, whereas Cheds are more cheddary."

KITTY: "I'm going to get the packets.

"This is why Cheds are a bit more cheesy, they've got real pecorino cheese. That's quite a strong cheese.

"In your Country Cheese, it's just your farmhouse cheddar."

DAVE: "I would have said it's the other way around, but no. Okay, that's good to know."

KITTY: "The Ched definitely has a stronger cheese flavour, I think, and the Country Cheese has got a good sprinkling of salt on it. I don't mind it."


Even though the Cheds were "tougher" in their texture - almost like a lemon crisp - they were Kitty and Dave's winner of the cheese off!

KITTY: "I wouldn't turn my nose up at a Country Cheese if someone offered it to me, and if you put a slice of cheddar on either of these, really good..."

DAVE: "Cheese on cheese."

Freak(s) of the week.

Made by the popcorn-makers, Cobs, Kitty brought in some barbecue flavoured corn puffs.

The Junkees had previously tried the cheese flavour from the same range.

DAVE: "They smell great."

KITTY: "Ooh, gee, you get a hit at the beginning that tastes a bit like Worcestershire sauce, don't you?"

DAVE: "Yeah!"

KITTY: "...and then it just disappears to nothing. I don't like that. You get that initial taste, and then they taste a bit like floor, and just nothing."

DAVE: "You're right, they disappear to nothing."

Hubba Bubba bubble gum-flavoured M&M's were next on the agenda, a purchase of big bubble gum fan, Kitty.

KITTY: "They smell exactly like bubble gum."

DAVE: "Who doesn't love Hubba Bubba?"

KITTY: "I really do love Hubba Bubba. I love bubble gum-flavoured ice cream, I love the flavour of bubble gum.

"You know I'm not a big M&M's fan, but I'm hoping - after we dissed pretzel M&M's here before - they will redeem themselves here, and I'll be able to give a positive review for bubble gum-flavoured M&M's.

"I'm going to go a bit hard here and put a few in my mouth at once. I think just tasting one isn't going to work.

"Ooh! OH, I like it! I really like it! It's really weird, it's a Freak of the Week, but wow.

"That is bubble gum and chocolate together. I wouldn't have picked it as a good combo, but I really like it!"

DAVE: "It's almost like the M&M is covered in bubble gum. You eat it and get the bubble gum rush, and then the chocolate hangs around."

KITTY: "I almost expect that I should be able to blow a bubble with it, that's the confusing thing.

"Oh, that's really well done. Love it... That's a proper party happening."

DAVE: "It's like getting an ice cream with bubble gum flavour, and chocolate flavour, and mixing it together. It's weird, but it's good."

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