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The Junkees in The Netherlands!

All Dutch lollies. That's what you eat when you're on holiday in The Netherlands.
The Junkees in The Netherlands!

Here's how it started.

Felicia and Mitchell (big thanks!) sent Dave a mysterious package, full of junk food from The Netherlands.

Dave opened it, then sent Kitty a text.

Image from Facebook Group, The Junkees, posted by Dave O'Neil 26 November 2021.

To the Netherlands!

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ALSO, if you're a member of The Junkees Facebook Group, a Munch Along video! More info further down if you'd rather get to the goods.

1. Dutch Liquorice a.k.a "Drop" in Dutch

Not your regular liquorice.

Coin liquorice (size of a 20 cent piece)

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