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Childbirth and Chainsaws

"Could there not be two things further apart?" - Glenn Robbins
Childbirth and Chainsaws

Very serious topics.

Say it again, Glenn - "Could there not be two things further apart?"

Thanks Glenn.

None of this confusion like 'Meat Loaf the singer or Meat Loaf the food?' on this episode.

Think of childbirth. That's one topic.

Think of a chainsaw. That's the other topic.

Yes. Definitely Somehow Related.

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Plenty Ahead!

The Answer, Thinking Music from Fast Forward and Michael Veitch joins in as a guest to tell his near death story involving a chainsaw and the Yarra Valley.

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Michael Veitch tells his near-death-chainsaw story

All I remember was just seeing, like an inch or so from my face, a passing a tree trunk

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