Drought and Yo-yos

What connects an environment's prolonged shortage of water with the popular retro toy that can walk a dog, rock a baby, AND move 'round the world'?
Drought and Yo-yos

Drought and yo-yos are similar in that they're both widely, and not so widely, known for each having a distinct lack of moisture.

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One's great fun, but the other's a serious challenge, and somewhere, somehow, in history, they share a story that's rather unbelieveable.

"I loved yo-yos as a kid," Dave said.

"They were banned at my school!" Glenn replied.

"Some kid would have been hit in the back of the head while someone was doing an around the world, or there'd be a tooth taken out...

"I was a fanta guy."

"I was Coke! Those Coke and Fanta yo-yos were great," Dave said.

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