Cricket and Wool

How on God's green cricket pitch is the English game and sheep's wool related?

Cricket and Wool

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Special guest commentator on this episode - Adam Zwar, author of 12 Summers and host of 10 Questions with Adam Zwar.

Every significant moment in actor and writer Adam Zwar’s life is tied to cricket. In this book, he tells of twelve formative summers, the milestones and unforgettable moments inextricably linked with the game he loves.

The Answer - Cricket and Wool?

Early cricket balls were made out of wool.

The English game originated in the sheep-raising country of the Southeast, where the short grass of the pastures made it possible to bowl or roll a ball of rags or wool at a target. That target was usually the wicket gate of the sheep paddock, which was defended with a bat in the form of a shepherd’s crooked staff.


This is how they're made today

Think Music

And Glenn mentioned a certain series where they finally jazzed up cricket.

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