"Ciao Bella" a memoir about living in Italy by Kate Langbroek

"Ciao Bella" a memoir about living in Italy by Kate Langbroek

Kate was on the Somehow Related episode "Italy and Red Underpants" (language warning) talking about her time in Italy and why Italians definitely do not take siestas. Buonanotte!

Ciao Bella begins with Langbroek and her husband, Peter, discussing the idea of taking a break from their busy lives in Melbourne and immersing themselves in a completely different culture. Langbroek was drawn to the idea of living in Italy, a country she had always been fascinated by, and the couple decided to make the move with their four children.

The family settled in a small village in the region of Le Marche, and Langbroek describes the challenges they faced in adjusting to a new way of life. From language barriers to cultural differences, the family had to navigate a number of obstacles as they settled into their new home. Despite these challenges, Langbroek writes about the joys of living in Italy - the food, the people, and the beauty of the country.

One of the most striking aspects of the book is Langbroek's description of the Italian people. From the friendly locals who welcomed the family with open arms, to the eccentric characters they encountered along the way, Langbroek paints a vivid picture of the warmth and generosity of the Italian people.

Throughout the book, Langbroek shares her thoughts and feelings about the experience, and it is clear that the year spent in Italy had a profound impact on her. She writes about the joys of living in a small village, the simplicity of life and the importance of family. She also reflects on the challenges of living in a foreign country and how it changed her perspective on life.

Ciao Bella is a heartwarming and honest account of one family's journey to immerse themselves in a new culture. Langbroek's writing is witty and engaging, and her descriptions of Italy and the Italian people are rich and evocative. The book is a must-read for anyone who has ever dreamed of living in Italy, or for anyone looking for a little inspiration to make a change in their own lives.

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