5 reasons why Big Lolly test their new products on New Zealanders

It's true! Large confectionery and snack food companies do dream up new products that get deliciously (pineapple) lumped on the New Zealand population.

5 reasons why Big Lolly test their new products on New Zealanders
Goody Goody Gumdrops is seriously good. The author of this article knows! Image: "TipTop ice cream" by Like_the_Grand_Canyon

New Zealand gets a tonne of good stuff that's unique (like Tip Top's Goody Goody Gum Drops, which is bowing out, and Jelly Tip, both ice creams) but also things that stretch their legs on continents rather than two islands.

This 👏 Is 👏 No 👏 Coincidence 👏

For years Big Lolly has been mercifully testing new ideas on the Kiwi population.

Ok, 5 reasons why New Zealand gets delicious human trials of experimental lollies.

1. Small, 5 million, but affluent consumer market

New Zealand has a relatively small population of around 5 million people, but it is considered to be an affluent market, with a high per capita income. This can make it an attractive market for companies to test new products, as it allows them to gauge consumer interest and preferences before launching the product in larger markets.

2. NZ has a diverse population

New Zealand is a multicultural society, with a diverse population that includes people of different ethnicities and nationalities. This can make it a useful testing ground for products that are intended for a global market, as it allows companies to see how the product is received by a diverse group of consumers.

Very recognisable New Zealand confectionary export - Whittakers' Chocolate. SOURCE

3. Lower costs to try stuff out

Testing new products in New Zealand can be less expensive than in other countries, particularly in terms of market research and product testing. This can be an attractive option for companies looking to minimize costs while still getting valuable feedback on their products.

4. Other markets for the lollies are nearby

New Zealand is located in the Pacific region, which allows companies to test products in this market and then easily expand to the other Pacific countries such as Australia, Japan or South Korea.

5. The government chips for development

New Zealand Government is known to support research and development initiatives and is open to working with multinational companies to test new products.

However, it's worth noting that this is not unique to New Zealand, many other countries are also used by big companies as test markets before launching products in bigger markets.

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