The Junkees are back!

And as Kitty Flanagan says - "Burn's not a flavour!"

The Junkees are back!

This feels sweet, salty and familiar.

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What we've been eating over summer

Twirl breakaway mint flavour
Kitty kicks us off with this.

Blind Test Abound!

This episode was recorded at The Grandview Hotel in Fairfield.

You'll hear some inconsistencies when Dave and Kitty take off to not hear what the blind test is.

Not quite like the studio but the soft pub carpet really helps with the acoustics.

Dave's blind test #1

Chemists Diversify

It's well known that at the chemist counter you can get your snack fix with some jelly beans. They seem healthier because they're at the chemist.

Now the same people, Glucojel, who do the beans are doing bears.

Next episode


Since the show would come out on Easter Sunday there's little time to get to the shops and pick out what's been sampled.

So we're going one better. One week better.

Not really upping the game too much just getting the timing right for everyone.

It's good to be back.

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