The Junkees Episode List

Here's the big list of every sweet and salty treat features on The Junkess with Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan.

The Junkees Episode List
Some of the many sweet and salty treats from The Junkees

Here's the big list of every episode so far with sweet and salty treat features on The Junkess with Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan.

Please feel free to suggest edits to this list -

The list will be updated as new episodes are published.

SPOILER ALERT - Blind Test products are listed in plain sight.

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1. Hello and Corn Chips

2. Salt and Vinegar Chips

3. Twisties

  • Cheese Twisties
  • Chicken Twisties

Twisties on Wikipedia, is a quality resource for information about the snack.

Under History - "In the early 1950s, Melbourne businessman Isador Magid imported a rotary head extruder from the United States which initially did not work. After bringing out a technical expert from the USA as well as receiving valuable advice from the CSIRO, Magid started producing Twisties."'s page for Twisties is sparce, there's little to no information.

There's a Somehow Related episode about Twisties and Animal Feed that's worth a listen too.

4. Chicken Chips

5. Classic Party Mix Lollies

6. Crunchie vs Violet Crumble

  • Crunchie
  • Violet Crumble


7. Picnic vs Chokito

  • Picnic by Cadbury
  • Chokito

Please discuss - The Mash Up.

Sent in by Adam on Facebook, he saw two flavours that had been added to one bag of chips.

Dessert for this episode - Sweet Sweeet Memories!

Featuring: Atomic Tomato Samboy Chips

8. Cadbury Favourites

Dairy Milk, Caramello, Dream, Old Gold, Flake, Crunchie, Picnic, Boost, Moro, Cherry Ripe and Turkish Delight.

And Salt and Vinegar Samboys turn up, finally!

9. Cheezels

There's only one Cheezel but there's enough immitators.

Party Mix assessment 2.0 - new inclusions!

  • Natural Confectionary Company
  • Coles brand
  • Woolworths brand

And Wagon Wheels. Shrunken or home made?

10. Biscuit three way - Tic Toc, Iced VoVo, Triple Wafer

1. Tic Toc (Arnotts, kids treats)

2. Iced VoVo (Arnotts, fancy biscuit)

3. Triple Wafer (Arnotts, cream biscuit)

11. Chocolate bars pretending to be healthy

Summer Roll

Nougat Honey Log

Smoosh (?) bars and more.

As mentioned - Jupiter Bar post on The Junkees Facebook Group

Please Discuss features Pretzel M&Ms.

Sweet Sweeeeet Memories - Nobby's Bacon Bites.

12. M&Ms vs Smarties

  • M&Ms
  • Smarties

New segment - "I Don't Get It!"

Blind Test (a late hit!)

13. Biscuit three way - 100s and 1000s, Honey Jumble and Tiny Teddies

Servings per package: 12
Serving size: 16.6g (2 biscuits)

Servings per package: About 6
Serving size: 20.8g (2 biscuits)

Mentos versus Cool Fruits/Mints.

Sweet Sweeeeet Memories!

14. Milk Chocolate

The backbone of the Cadbury empire, but will Cadbury's chocolate be named the tastiest?

Four chocolates go in, one will be given the nod.

  1. Darrel Lea
  2. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  3. XXXXX
  4. XXXXX

Then, blind testing mystery chips!

Sweet Sweeeet Memories - Wizz Fizz

A brilliant curio from Dave about Wizz Fizz packets too.

15. Plain Chips

  • Smiths
  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • Natural Chip Company

The mature chip of humans. No fancy flavours

New segment - Just Get Some!

Woolworths Rocky Road Mallows Biscuits

New segment - Over-Under?!

Is Caramilk overrated or underrated?

16. Honey Soy Chicken Chips

  • Red Rock Deli (often in the hotel mini bar)
  • Natural Chip Company (only crinkle cut of the bunch)
  • Kettle Chip (Stradbroke Island honey")
  • Woolworths deli style (gluten free, but aren't all chips?)

Blind Tests

One from Kitty for Dave, one from Dave for Kitty.

Sweet Sweeeet!! Memory Jogger

Golden Rough

17. Biscuit three way - Monte Carlo, Raspberry Shortcake and Kingston

  • Monte Carlo

More information here

  • Raspberry Shortcake

More information here

  • Kingston

More information here

Rematch - Chicken Chips ain't over.

Woolworths brand was the chip winner of the previous challenge.

However! In an oversight that shocked fans of a certain legacy brand, we feel that Samboy's chicken flavour deserved a turn on the roundabout.

Please Discuss

On Kitty's recommendation, Poppables from Smiths.

You might need four at a time.

18. Kit Kat & varieties

  • Original
  • Chunky
  • Mint
  • Honeycomb

Blind Taste Test

Chips for Dave, Chocolate for Kitty.

Sweet Sweeeet!! Memory Jogger

Scorched Peanut Bar! A lot of correspondence about this one.

Finally, Just Get One.

It's something that's knocked Kitty off her feet. You'll have to listen out for it.

19. Thin Chips

  • Thin's (chips) Classic
  • Smiths thinly sliced
  • The Sprinter (Aldi)

Chocolate biscuits

Blind taste test


20. One is enough, or is it?

Sneaking an extra in leading up to Christmas!

Two from the Arnotts' Chocolate Biscuits (sub-family) Family Chocolate (genus) range:

Also in this episode;

  • French Fries (the chips) - sour cream and chive flavour
  • New segment! "Always better than you think!"

21. CCs vs Doritos

The subtle local hero versus Big Corn Chip from the US.

We compare a handful of classic flavours from both to get a read on points of difference, overall taste and nachos/nach-os satisfaction.

Hat tip to Tom, friend of the show, for the suggestion and insight that set up the ep.

Also covered

Sweet Sweet Memory Jogger!

The Choo Choo Bar

22. Christmas Special 2020 (Snack Size)

  • Violet Crumble Santa
  • Kit Kat Santa
  • Cadbury Marshmallow Santa

23. White Chocolate

BTW - Beware the Sour Cream and Chives French Fries! They come with their own hangover. #621 #635

24. Oreos vs Delta Cream

Also in this episode

  • Sea salt and lemon Blackstone Chips from Aldi
  • Chipotle Salsa Thins
  • The Freckle Redemption. Freckles in a block after their disasterous compound chocolate choice for the original. Can the 'freckle block' return the household name to a mantle of appreciation.

25. International Brothers - Switzerland and Japan

Dave's brother in Switzerland shares his Top 5 snacks.

Kitty's brother in Japan has sent her a box of local favourites.

Also in this episode

  • A small amount of correspondence (via the Facebook Group) is entered into
  • Kitty says thanks to Dave for the Walker's Liquorice Toffee
  • Coles dual flavoured Chicago style popcorn
  • A mysterious package arrives from 2020

26. Grown up biscuits

And, after a mention in the previous episode, Jelly Tots return thanks to Rowntree's!

27. (Arnott's) Shapes: original varieties + 1

  • Pizza
  • Savoury
  • Chicken Crimpy
  • Cheddar
  • BBQ
  • BONUS: Chicken Parmigiana

Also on this episode

  • Neapolitan Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Block
  • New segment "Dave's Faves" - Tee Vee Snacks
  • Learn what a 'line extension' is (thanks Kitty!)
  • The Junkees Facebook Group has the Shapes poll.
  • Do you remember the 'beef thin'?

28. Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs

Always there in the chip isle of the supermarket.

But do they stack up to the nostalgia?

Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs Wikipedia page

Blind Tests

Ice creams, first time on The Junkees.

Paddle Pop strawberry milkshake flavour.

29. Jelly Beans

The classic sugar bean, listener suggestions and a sweet sweet memory jogger from the freezer!

Big thanks to three people contributing great info about jelly beans.

Listener suggestions from The Junkees Facebook Group

Sweet Sweeeeet Memory Jogger

Eskimo Pie

30. Ice Cream Sandwiches

"A delicious bar of vanilla encased between two soft chocolate biscuits."

  • Bulla Creamy Classics Vanilla Sandwich - Bulla

"You can't fake the enjoyment of our creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream sandwiched between two chewy choc cookies."

"Your favourite cookie just got a whole lot cooler! Tuck into this frozen OREO® cookie sandwich with OREO® cookie crumb throughout"

NB: Jock's Ice Cream sandwiches had sold out when Kitty went to get some. But hello to the young lady working there who's a listener!

Line extension of cheese flavoured Shapes

  • Triple Cheese Toastie
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Vegemite and Cheese

Blind Tests


31. Vanilla Ice Cream

Three types of vanilla from the supermarket (got to be accessible!)

Also this episode

  • Dinosaurs by the Natural Confectionary Company (Coles link)
  • Blind Taste Testing more chips!

32. Chocolate Bullets

Cocolate Bullet varieties - Darrell Lea vs Pink Lady

Also on this episode

33. Mint Chocolate

Also in this episdoe

  • Blind test! Spoiler 1, Spoiler 2
  • Peanut butter - Coles peanut butter pretzels & peanut butter sandwich

34. Vanilla Ice Cream pt 2 - Bulla vs Streets

Never free of controversy, the vanilla ice cream winner has been called back to take on a local hero.

Bulla has been elevated by the collective will of listeners crying foul about it's exclusion in a recent three way vanilla bean-off.

So much so we've spoken to the promoter and they're backing a one-on-one headliner between the proven and unproven (on The Junkees) brands of Streets and Bulla.

There's a road to travel first though with delightful segments before the tub-off.

Also in this episode

  • Blind Test
  • NEW SEGMENT - Weird Savoury Snacks

35. Easter Bunnies

  • Lindt Bunny
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunny
  • Red Tulip Bunny

36. On The Road (Snack Size)

A special episode from Dave's car where it all began.

Snacks on the road with the limited selection from roadside shops.

37. Snack (The Cadbury Bar)

The controversial, seemingly popular but never number one and Kitty's Dad's favourite chocolate bar.

Can you name the six flavours?

Like Freddo, Caramello Koala and Cherry Ripe, Snack was originally made by MacRobertson, the fantastic Melbourne confectioner.

Results from the Facebook poll on favourite Snack flavours too.

Also in this episode

  • Shout out to Natural Confectionary Company - stop making these!
  • Blind tests - chips ahoy!
  • The Eternal Quest segment - Peanut Butter

38. Chocolate Ice Cream

Blue Ribbon Vs Bulla Chocolate Ice Cream

No complaining about there only being two in the fight.

The obvious number 3 was a let down in the vanilla challenge and fancy brands aren't invited.

Also in this episode

  • Peppermint (peppie) Crisp
  • Sweet Sweet Memory Jogger - Fruit Sticks
  • Blind taste test

39. Flake vs Twirl

Arguably very similar, but in reality quite different.

Also in this episode

  • Blind test, not burn but Dave has a cracker
  • Please discuss, chocolate covered French Fries and Oreos

40. Rocky Road

Four to taste, could've gone a bit overboard.

These Rocky Road versions were chosen for availability so you can get any or all without too much fuss.

  1. Freckleberry
  2. Gumtree (supermarket) version
  3. Cadbury Rocky Road block
  4. Darrell Lea Raspberry Rocklea Road

Also in this episode

  • Blind Test, the sick and salty roundabout
  • New segment, The Knowledge!

41. Dave Calling Kitty - Where Are You?

42. Bananas

43. Fantails and alternatives

Chocolate covered caramel in a cube.

  • Fantails
  • Pascals
  • Chocolate Box

Also in this episode

44. Victoria's Lockdown Got In The Way

45. Chocolate Wheaten vs Digestives and more

So much research it's not even lame. One fact - the chocolate is the base!

The prize fight is Wheaten and Digestives but two other worthy contenders make an appearence.

Also in this episode

46. Snickers

Named after the family horse.

Not just classic Snickers that we know and love.

There's a white chocolate Snickers too (half price at Woolworths, says something).

Also in this episode

47. Raspberries and Red Frogs

The colour red under taste bud scrutiny;

  • Classic raspberry lolly
  • Allen's red frog, the big version
  • Allen's red frog, the small version
  • IGA generic raspberry
  • Allen's sour red frogs

Also in this episode

48. Chocolate Biscuits

Classics under the microscope, with a surprising result!

  • Digestives
  • Chocolate Scotch Finger
  • Chocolate Teddy Bear

Also in this episode

49. Convert Me!

Big episode this week with a new segment - Convert Me

Can Kitty change Dave's mind about her favourite chips?

Boulder Canyon sea salt and cracked pepper

Special consideration to some Natural Chip Company flavours also thanks to Toby.

Also in this episode

50. Wine Gums

They're a longer chew these wine gums. Good for the car.

With some good lame research to kick off.

Brands sampled

Blind Tests

Secret Lindt drop!

Caramel squares only available in Coles #notasponsor

51. Spicy Fruit Roll

We've gone back to Nana's house to pick through biscuits from yesteryear.

How does the Spicy Fruit Roll stack up in the present?

And it's cousin the Full O Fruit.

Then the healthy option, the Snack Right Pillow.

Blind Tests

Please Discuss X Sweet Sweet Memory Jogger

Mint Chocolate.

Including Cadbury Snifter Block and Harrington's after dinner mint (thanks Tanya!).

52. Red Rippers vs Milko

Two classic chews - one red, one white.

Not such a fair fight as they're really quite different.

There's been some time since Kitty and Dave have chewed through a red or white stick. What's changed?

Blind Tests

Please Discuss

Line extension - Tee Vee Snacks X Krispy Kreme.

53. Sherbet Bombs vs Sherbies

The fizz is on! It's on the street!

  • Sherbet Bombs
  • Sherbies

Subsequent inclusions - Strawberry Sherbet and Sherbet Cones.

Blind Test

Sweet Sweet Memory Jogger

Musk Sticks

Don't Bother

Allen's Party Favourites

54. Penguins vs Tim Tams

The look the same but have a subtle different.

Both seem patriotic, both quite chocolatey.

Boulder Canyon send some chips

Blind Test

The best of the two salt and vinegar varieties from Boulder Canyon

The history of Twisties and the CSIRO

Thanks to Jessica on the Junkees Facebook group for mentioning this.

55. I'll Give Kitty A Ring

56. Cheese Chips

Had some serious recommendations for a particular cheese chip.

With all due respect, we're checking out the suggested chip (which could be used for dip) and the the competition.

New Zealand lollies

  • Perky Nana
  • Jet Planes
  • Emos
  • Toasties

Sweet Sweeeeet Memory Jogger


57. Digestives Rematch

That's the feature, digestive biscuit rematch on this episode.

It's not taken lightly, this isn't a flippant episode where we didn't have something to fill so we thought 'Hey! Let's just dredge up a old episode and do a line extension?!'

No. There's been correspondence and passion surrounding the digestive line.

It simply wasn't over at the end of the last episode we covered them.

McVities digestives & Walkers digestives

Line extension - McVities Hazelnut and Caramel digestive

Kitty's Lab, insipried by Smiths Duos

Weirdo of the Week/New Products

Brewed Ginger Caramel Block

58. Kit Kat vs Breakaway

Classic Kit Kat up against the classic chocolate maker Cadbury, but does the Cadbury wafer version stack up against the original?

We haven't teased this one out until the end. It's front and centre to start the show.

Also in this episode

59. Cracker Chips

Cracker Chips, when you want healthier than a chip but not as bland as a cracker.

  1. Arnott's Cracker Chips
  2. Fantastic Snacks' Delites
  3. Red Rock Deli's Gourmet Cracker

Also in this episode

60. Creaming Soda - Red vs Brown

  • Kirks Red Creaming Soda
  • Schweppes Brown Creaming Soda

Also in this episode

  • Sweet Sweeeet Memory Jogger - Terry's Chocolate Orange
  • Quick segment - Dave Was Right
  • Twirl Breakaway - "two bars of swirls and curls inside layers of crispy wafer coated in dairy milk chocolate"

61. Chicken biscuit rematch (correspondence influence)

In the chicken coup;

Also in this episode

62. It's a creaming soda-off!

Soda Contenders

Also in this episode

Cookies considered

  • Farm house bake from Arnott's
  • Woolworths home brand cookie
  • Greens chocolate chip cookie (deconstructed)
  • Cadbury's version of the classic cookie

What happened to Nabisco's cookies?

Also in this episode

Thanks to British Treats & Sweets also for some stock featured in this episode.

64. Cheese Biscuits - Arnott's Derby

Cheds vs Country Cheese

Also in this episode

65. Twisties (Snack Size)

66. Nobody Panic, There's A Slight Delay This Week

67. Aero (Chocolate Bar)

Three flavours sampled

  • Classic Milk
  • Mint
  • Caramel Gold

Some great lame research this episode, but take it with a pinch of salt

Also on this episode

68. Chicken on Chicken

Also on this episode

69. Vegan Edition with Special Guest Vegan Dave Hughes

Pre-vegan Dave Hughes would keep a packet of Allen's snakes in his glove box to munch on at the lights.

Not so much these days! It's vegan sausages, vegetables and the treats below.

"What we wanted to do was good vegan stuff" - Kitty Flanagan

Vegan Treats Mentioned

70. The Junkees Pub Meal

71. Aero vs Cadbury Bubbly

Aero Bar up against it's competitor shadow - the Cadbury Bubbly.

Bubbly is an obvious second choice name to Aero.

Also this episode!

  • Blind Test - Dave, Kitty (unknown) and Kitty
  • Doritos' Crunch Mix/Cheesy Nut Mix

72. Sour Jellies

The two big contenders in the sour soft jelly category...

Also this episode!

73. Merry Christmaspider!

It's the big day!

Get a gift to do the customary exchange, or if you're listening to this AFTER Christmas Day, enjoy a second dose of the Yuletide greetings!

What to drink?

Lime & Raspaberry spiders - green and red!

And there's an exchange of gifts.

For Kitty

- Whittakers artisan squares, Wellington roasted Supreme coffee, West Coast buttermilk caramelised white chocolate, Marlborough sea salt and caramel brittle with saffron inducted dark chocolate, plum and almonds.

For Dave

- Panettone, pear and chocolate flavour.

What can you do with panettone? Plenty. Kitty knows.

74. Holiday in The Netherlands, alstublieft!

Dutch Liquorice a.k.a "Drop" in Dutch

  • Coin liquorice
  • Double Salt
  • Liquorice allsort

Smoeljes speculaasjes

Kruidvat Mermaid Kruidnoten

Almond Squares, The Dutch Pantry

75. Splice vs Split - Summer Showdown!

  • Splice, pine-lime flavour, Streets Ice Cream
  • Split, lemon-lime flavour, Bulla

Blind Tests

  • Lemon flavoured french fries from a Chinese grocer
  • Smoked Tomato Chappy's Chip
  • Banana Kick, artificial banana flavoured puff made by Nongshim (Amazon)
  • Dill Pickle Chappy's Chip

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